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    How Our Process Works

    Step 1- Contact Us! Reach out to our office and let us know that you’re ready to sell your home. Step 2 - Get Your Offer! We will provide you a free, no-obligation fast cash offer for your property. We won’t haggle with you on the price or low-ball and waste time. Step 3 - Get Paid! If you decide to accept our cash offer, we will then go into contract with the intention of closing in 30 days. You choose the closing date. It’s really up to you. Step 1- Contact Us! Reach out to our office and let us know that you’re ready to sell your home. Step 2 - Get Your Offer! We will provide you a free, no-obligation fast cash offer for your property. We won’t haggle with you on the price or low-ball and waste time. Step 3 - Get Paid! If you decide to accept our cash offer, we will then go into contract with the intention of closing in 30 days. You choose the closing date. It’s really up to you.

    We Buy Houses For Cash In Portland, Maine

    I’m Ismael, Principal Investor of Tristate Holdings 167 Inc., and I can buy your Portland, Maine house for cash if it meets our buying criteria. The best part is that you’ll never have to deal with real estate agents, endless open houses, or uncertainties about a potential buyer getting approved for a mortgage.

    We’ll buy your Portland, Maine house fast, making the process as smooth as possible for you.

    We’ll never use any pressure tactics to buy your Portland, Maine house. It is up to you if you want to accept our cash offer.

      "Ismael at Tristate has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He has integrity and consistency, and these things are very important to me. I would highly recommend working with Ish and this company."

      - Dan

      "Ismael at Tristate Holdings has been a professional and enthusiastic client. You can tell he cares about his clients. We have been working with him the past month and look forward to a continued relationship."

      - Luis

      "Ismael is a genuine person who provided me with several options regarding my home for sale. Thank you for taking your valuable time to assist me so intelligently and for truly understanding my needs."

      - Ilene T.

      "The folks at TRISTATE Holdings followed through with all their commitments. He did what he said he would do and acted with speed and integrity. Pleasure to work with. "

      - Paul

      "It was a pleasure to work with Ismael at Tristate Holdings. They kept me updated throughout the process. We closed quickly without any problems. I would recommend them to anyone."

      - Daniel

      "I’ve worked with Ismael at Tristate Holdings 167 on a few rehab projects. He is thorough, and honest. It was a pleasure working with him and look forward to working with him again."

      - Noah

      Selling your home fast for cash in Portland, ME, offers homeowners a flexible, convenient option for various personal and financial reasons. Let’s explore the benefits and processes associated with this approach in more detail.

      Sell On Your Timeline

      Sell on your own timeline, not whenever someone decides to make an offer. Whether you need to close in just a month due to an urgent relocation, or you prefer a more extended period to sort out personal affairs over a few months, our cash home buyers in Portland, Maine offer the flexibility to accommodate your schedule. Traditional home sales can be restrictive, often binding sellers to the buyer’s timeline, which includes contingencies, inspections, and mortgage approvals. In contrast, our process gives YOU the reins. We’ll speak with you about your property and goals, take a look at the house or building, and give you a fair offer. This process is extremely fast. If you need more time, simply call us back when you’re ready to move quickly.

      We Buy As-Is: Avoid Repair Costs, Renovations, Cleaning and More

      Selling a house often involves significant time and money spent on repairs, renovations, and cleaning to make the property market-ready. Portland doesn’t have the easiest climate, and many of the sellers we work with aren’t living in the house full time. Perhaps they inherited a property that desperately needed a new roof after a brutal winter, or maybe the snow and ice left the driveway in shambles. Even worse, maybe the radiator heat doesn’t work any more. If you were selling the house in a traditional manner, you’d need to update all of these items before selling.

      However, when you go for a cash sale, you can sell your home “as-is,” avoiding these expenses entirely. We have our own team of contractors who are willing to take on properties in any condition. Whether your home has outdated fixtures, structural issues, or simply needs a deep clean, you won’t need to invest in costly upgrades or even tidy up before selling. This can save thousands of dollars and a considerable amount of effort. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of a home renovation can range from $18,000 to $76,000, depending on the scope of work. By selling as-is, you bypass these financial burdens and can move forward without delay.

      Forget 6% Commissions and Closing Costs – Get Cash Now

      Sell your house fast for cash in Portland, ME

      A traditional home sale involves various fees, including real estate agent commissions and closing costs, which can significantly reduce your net proceeds. In a cash sale, you eliminate the need for a real estate agent, saving the typical 6% commission. For an offer of $300,000 for instance, this means retaining an additional $18,000. Additionally, closing costs, which usually range from 2% to 5% of the sale price, are often covered by the buyer in a cash transaction. This means you get more money directly in your pocket. The simplicity of a cash sale transaction reduces the number of parties involved, streamlining the process and minimizing costs.

      There Are Many Reasons To Sell Your House Fast For Cash in Portland, ME. We Never Judge.

      Homeowners decide to sell their houses fast for cash every day, and it’s important to understand that every situation is unique. Some may be facing financial difficulties, such as foreclosure or mounting debts, while others might be dealing with personal challenges like a divorce or the need to relocate quickly for a job. Inherited properties that are unwanted or too burdensome to maintain are also common reasons for a quick sale. Health issues, retirement, or simply the desire for a swift transaction to free up cash are other motivations. You may even be facing burnout from dealing with problematic renters in a multi-family building. We buy those too.

      As cash buyers, we understand these circumstances and approach each sale without judgment. Their goal is to provide a solution that meets your needs, whatever your reason for selling.

      Avoid Hassle: Walk Away With Cash in Your Pocket Quickly

      The convenience of a fast cash sale cannot be overstated. Traditional home sales can be fraught with complications, from failed financing to prolonged negotiations and multiple showings. With a cash sale, you bypass these hassles entirely. The process typically involves a straightforward offer, acceptance, and closing, often within a month. You avoid the stress of staging your home, hosting open houses, and dealing with picky buyers. Once the sale is complete, you receive your cash payment promptly, allowing you to move on to the next chapter of your life without lingering uncertainties. According to Zillow, the average time a home spends on the market is around 68 days, not including the time it takes to close, which can add another 30 to 45 days. A cash sale can compress this timeline significantly, providing a quick and hassle-free experience.

      Additional Considerations When Selling Your Home Fast for Cash in Portland, ME

      Firstly, you need to work with a reputable cash home buyer. You can do better than calling a phone number you see on a street corner on a homemade sign. We’ve worked with many sellers throughout the Northeast, and we are committed to:

      • Transparency in our process
      • Fair offers – we do not take advantage of people, regardless of their circumstances
      • Education: we help sellers understand how the cash sale process works, and we answer all of your questions

      Another consideration is understanding the local market conditions in Portland. While cash sales offer speed and convenience, being informed about your home’s market value can help you negotiate a fair price. According to the Portland Press Herald, Portland’s real estate market has seen steady growth, with rising home values making it an attractive option for sellers. However, the convenience of a quick cash sale often means accepting an offer that is slightly below market value, which can be a worthwhile trade-off for the benefits provided.

      Work With The Best Cash Home Buyer in Portland, ME

      Forget drawn-out sales, financial stressors, unwanted inherited property, and bad tenants. We would be happy to work with you and provide a fair offer that sends you home with lots of cash in your pocket. We pride ourselves on courtesy and honesty, and we guarantee that you’ll be happy with your decision if you choose to work with us. Please fill out our form or give us a call – we look forward to working with you.